Impressionist Oil Painting Georgia Sunrise

Memories of the old Jekyll Island Georgia

I said my goodbys and prefer to keep the memories of Jekyll Island from 15 or 20 years ago. I got to see the most beautiful sunrises just like in this painting. All you heard were the ocean, the wind, the seagulls, and you could see dolphins swimming and jumping off the coast. The trees all grow toward the land, blown by the Atlantic winds, that blow steadily, it all looks very unique. I walked the beach and there were few people. Loggerhead turtle tracks and driftwood and to my happy surprise NO litter, plastic bottles and other trash humans often throw down wherever they stand. It was a magical place. I’ll miss you Jekyll Island!

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Support Individual entrepreneurs that refuse to stand in the unemployment lines

If America wants to stay in the game of business and help individuals to succeed, it needs to recognize and ease the burdens of small entrepreneurs, those of us who refuse to stand in the unemployment lines and rather take up a craft, or provide a service, the one man and one women operations that struggle to divide their time between doing what it takes to make money in their small business and keeping up with red tape out of fear of their government.

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Ginette In her Studio