Best kept secret in Texas – The Hill Country

The Texas hill country seems to be somewhat of a best kept secret. I remember when I first came to the United States in 1987 and lived in West Texas for a short while, even people in other parts of Texas do not seem to know about it. I painted a particular colorful Texas blue bonnets and paintbrush back then and posted it on EBAY at the time to sell.

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Russian Impressionist Nicolai Fechin

Inspirational Artist Russian Impressionist Nicolai Fechin

When I began to paint in oil. having read something about what Fechin did to reduce the oil content in paint, I immediately started to do this myself.
It is an important part of what I do now, using a piece of cardboard and squeezing out paint hours if not a day before I begin to paint. This absorbs a lot of the oil and makes my paint much thicker and better to work with for my style of heavy impasto.

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